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Aircraft Seat Frames

Square Back Cessna Seat Overhaul exchange.

Square Back Cessna Seat Overhaul exchange.

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if you don’t have one contact us we have some spares in stock.

We have over 10 years experience in aircraft seat repair. We will completely overhaul and repair your Cessna seats and make them better than new. (see below for part numbers compatible with this specific repair).

Our seat repairs comply with Airworthiness Directive AD2011-10-09 and/or Service Bulletin SEB 11-4. Form 337 will be completed and provided with the repairs

    Many pilots find that after years of use their seats start to feel less comfortable. Sometimes the back will start sagging or or leaning back too far. This is often a symptom of a damaged seat that is in desperate need of repair. If you pull back the fabric you can often find that the frame is cracked or bent.

    Just re-welding the cracked frame is not always the best solution. Often re-welding just ends up being a short term fix. The best solution is to work with an experienced professional to replace the tubing which requires overhauling the seats. We will make sure the repair meets the FAA requirements. Your repaired seats will last for years to come.

      We also repair other Cessna seats. Call or text us for more information about your specific seats 907-631-2347

      This repair is compatible with the following seats:

      Cessna 180 SN 32662 "and on" Cessna 182 SN 33843 "and on"

      • PN(s): 0700105-7, 0700105-69, 0700105-269, 0700105-370, and 0700105-408

      Cessna 172 SN 36216 - 49544  Cessna 175 SN 55001 - 57119

      • PN(s): 0500104-78, 0500104-79, 0500104-54, 0500104-21, 0500104-73, 0500104-74, and 0500104-103

      Cessna 185 SN 0001- 0512 (has headrest).

      • PN(s): 0700105-408, and 0700105-369



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